PlastiPanel Snow Shelters

DGS Series Shelters

Shelters for utility devices such as Gas meters, Electric meters, etc. 

Our shelters protect utility meters from overhead ice impacts and snow burial.



The DGS – 2 & 3 “ Designated Ground Shelter” is designed primarily to prevent damage to gas meters, electric meters and other utility measurement devices as may occur from falling ice, snow, side load accumulation, ice formation on the meter itself, or other similar incidental impacts. 

The  arch design helps to disperse the ice impacts and snow accumulations away from the meter.  This shelter can be easily removed for summer storage or during needed maintenance or permanently installed.

The DGS – 2 & 3 easily accepts a Snow Net, which increases the shelters capabilities.  Some of those added benefits consist of snow burial prevention and ice formation to the meter. 

The DGS – 2 & 3 is adaptable. We have nine standard size shelters that usually fit most locations, however the shelter can easily be modified or custom tailored by the owner.

Using common hand tools such as reciprocating saws or jigsaws, you can easily modify the legs for custom height considerations. Couplings may be used as leg extensions to increase the shelters height if necessary.



The DGS shelter legs and fittings can be powder-coated white to match the cover. The standard color is white although our shelters can be ordered with a custom color if 50 or more shelters are combined one order.  See sample colors picture below.  Our DGS shelter components are corrosion resistant, light weight and strong and will allow for years of service to your meter.


Snow Net:

The Snow Net provides a cover to shield the front of the meter from snow accumulation and encroachment. The Snow Net creates a nice cover to protect your  meter. The netting consists of a fine mesh screen canvas that keeps snow out and allows for ventilation.

Sample pictures of our DGS shelters with a snow net.

Sample picture below of a DGS shelter with no snow net installed on the front. 


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