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Utility meter protection solutions for Snow and Ice


PlastiPanel has developed a series of snow shelters named the DGS Series Snow Shelter.  Our  patent pending technology provides the ultimate hi tech results utilizing the most basic forms of design and material implementation.  The DGS snow shelters are simply the best utility meter protection available and are reasonably priced.  Our utility shelters are  perfect for protecting meters from snow, ice accumulations and incidental impacts.

DGS Snow Shelters are specifically designed to prevent damage to gas meters and other utility metering devices from burial of snow, ice and snow accumulations and falling ice. The shelters are lightweight, extremely durable, adaptable and are easily installed.

Numerous tests were conducted on the DGS shelters as a part of a  study to determine the dependability and resiliency of the shelters design and material utilizations PlastiPanel shelters are available in a variety of sizes.  Each shelter is carefully manufactured to provide reliable service.  These shelters are easily secured to the ground, using a number of installation techniques.




                                                                                                DGS Shelter with Snow Net                                         

                                                                                                                            DGS-2B, Basic shelter


There have been  a number of attempts by homeowners to protect their utility meters from snow and ice occurrences by using a number of devices.  Most of the shelters in use today are constructed from wooden supporting legs or braces and typically an angular wooden top. 



                                             Frontal snow accumulation to meter      Side and front accumulation 


                                               Icicles formed from heater coils           Buried meter in the snow.

A number of the shelters and devices in operation now, does not satisfy the overall purpose of preventing snow impacts or ice accumulations. Varying snow load conditions, the deterioration of the materials at an unexpected rate and the construction skill levels of the homeowners contribute to the deterioration of the existing shelters. The shelters often require yearly improvements, modifications and in some cases total replacement. The possibility of the meter being buried by snow and the meter being subjected to ice formation, or frontal impacts posed additional risks that were not considered in the owners original design  for a shelter. A number of the shelters that were constructed from wood and pipes were functioning, however it was noticed that the shelters were highly stressed from heavy snow loads and obvious repeated use.                                             

                             Notice the hole in this cover                                                             


                                                                                       This gas meter is buried..                                                        

Unfortunately, no two meters are alike, therefore to have a design and a shelter that would adapt to most locations would be the ideal choice.  PlastiPanel Impact Shelters has created a series of snow shelters to address a number of snow and ice problems to utility meters.  The DGS Series shelters are constructed from some of the strongest and lightweight materials available. The DGS Series Shelters are ground mounted and can be easily removed from service for summer storage or emergencies using the optional footings.  The DGS  Shelters do not rely on a wall surface, or other vertical surfaces for attachment.. The need to drill or alter a wall surface for securing is eliminated. 


 The DGS shelters can be secured using either of these three methods, the Duckbill anchoring system, cemented auger and clevis pin attachment, or cementing the DGS shelter legs directly into the ground.

Snow Net

The DGS Shelter Snow Net easily attaches to the shelter.  The Snow Net is secured to the shelter, using twist grommets that are fastened to the shelter.  The Snow Net helps in protecting the front of the meter from being buried by snow and snow encroachment from the front. The Snow Net detaches quickly if access is needed.   The snow net is additionally priced to the DGS Shelters.  Specify width and height when ordering.





       DGS-1 with Snow Net attached                                                              



Shelter Sizes

PlastiPanel offers the DGS 1 and 2 Shelters in three standard widths 30 36 and 42.  There are three standard heights available at each width 32, 42, 48 inch. Example shelters would be 30 x 32, 30 x 42, 30 x 48.   Custom sizes are available at additional charge.


Shelter Installation

Typical installations should occur during the warmer months to insure that the cemented footings or anchors can be fully seated into the ground.  Underground pipes and utilities must be confirmed and marked prior to installation. Rocks, cement and roots may require excavation to install the footings for the shelter.     The DGS shelter should take about 30 minutes to one hour to anchor depending on the site characteristics. One or two bags of cement may be required for some installations.



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